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"Find Your Truth" 
Guided Meditation

Are you ready to "Find Your Truth" and uncover what you have not been willing or able to see, what you have been afraid to admit, what have been tying you down, and what you need to unplug from so you can soar?
Finding your Truth gives you the POWER to create a business that is
in alignment with your CORE essence.

You can fully express yourself in everything you do,
share your unique gifts with the world and 
be generously paid for your SuperPower.

This guided meditation, inspired by the Akashic Records, will take you deep into your body and see what you need to see so you can uncover your Truth. (It will take you less than 15 minutes.)

WARNING: This meditation is not the "love and light" kind. We really dive in fast and dig in deep. We will go deep into your body with your Heart & Guts leading the way. Don't listen if you are easily offended by vivid description of "organic matters." The intention is to take you deep within your physical self, so you not only understand the ideas intellectually, but also be able to EMBODY them, and have them permeate every single cell of your body.

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