Free Plug-And-Play Program Preview/Launch Call Template Download ($67 value)

Most "big wigs" out there use a free call or webinar to launch their products or programs - so you figure it works.

The key to making this work is to know what to say and when to say it, so the call is way more than just hopping on the line with your peeps, fire-hose them with a bunch of stuff and then cross your fingers hoping someone will pull out their credit card.

Today, you can download this Preview/Launch Call Template
for zero, nada, zilch and start to

Grow Your List, Launch Your Product/Program
+ Roll In the Dough
Plus, you will get my little secret sauce for getting more people on the call live!

The best part about this template - it's not some "training"... you don't need to read a lengthy 68-page ebook nor listen to a 55-min audio.

You can make it work for you right away by filling in the blanks with your specific program information!

Most marketers guard this information behind $1,000 products. I'd like for you to have it, at no cost. Cool?

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