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In this Get Out There Make It Big Tool Kit, you will find these 5 juicy done-for-you templates so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel:

Workshop Flyer Template
An easy to use, easy to customize template with all the essential ingredients to help you communicate details about your workshop and to generate leads.

Workshop Evaluation Form
Customizable template to help you get feedback for your workshop so that you can make it even better next time.

Discovery Session Application
One way to avoid giving away too many free sessions and draining your energy is to have prospects fill out an application – this helps you screen out people who are not serious about working with you. These questions can literally get your prospect to write their way into working with you, even before your initial conversation!

Discovery Session Agenda
6 powerful points you want to cover during your discovery session that will get your potential clients to sign up with you – without “selling”.

Questions to Get Your Prospect into a YES Frame of Mind
Imagine your prospect is in a “YES” frame of mind before you start your initial session. She is subconsciously programmed to say yes to you and therefore that much more likely to buy your program or product.  And imagine that you can do it just by starting your conversation with a few well-positioned and well-framed questions!

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